Suzi Mack, Suzi’s Skin Care Studio

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  • Consultation With Our Estheticians
    A esthetician will cleanse and analyze your skin to determine your skin type and recommended treatment and home care use!
  • Suzi’s Customized Signiture Facial
    Deep Cleansing, exfoliate with almond cream & brush, cream sloughing, steam with hot towels, removal of blackheads, shoulder and facial massage then mask.
  • New Client Signiture Facial Suzi
    Deep cleanse, soft scrub exfoliation with steam to soften the skin to help the remove congestion, dirt etc. a warm towel saturated in essential oils is applied to shoulders, neck and a face therapeutic massage helps with anti-aging. Then a firming or extremely hydrating mask.
  • Staff Customized Facial
    Deep Cleansing, exfoliate with almond cream & brush, cream sloughing, steam with hot towels, removal of blackheads, shoulder and facial massage then mask.
  • Mini-Facial Or Teen Facial
  • Pre Teen Facial 12  Years & Younger
    Cleansing of the skin, scrub, and a light skin peeling to start. A steaming process of the skin is preformed to loosen and soften blackheads to be removed easily, a healing mask to clam the skin, then applied a hydrating moisturizer. A lessen in cleaning the skin to maintain your healthy skin.
  • Acne  Cleansing
  • Facial Extractions 15 Mins. Add-on
  • Image Vitamin-C facial
    Image vitamin C facial contains a lot of antioxidants to actually slow down the free radical damage that can cause aging of the skin. Vitamin C can actually create a support system working with fiberblast for stimulating blood flow and oxygen flow to support Collagen in the skin.
  • Image Total Ageless Glycolic Facial
    Image total ageless glycolic facial is for dry dehydrated aging skin the chemical peel will help to soften and lessen lines and wrinkles. Leaving the skin with a healthy glow and rejuvenated.
  • Image The Max Stem Cell Facial
    Image the max stem cell facial it’s to help rejuvenate the cellular wall and help rejuvenate new healthy cells to the surface of the skin to slow down the aging process the stem cells ingredients actually help to rejuvenate new healthy cells to the surface.
  • Image Ormedic Sensitive Facial
    The image or medic Facial is for sensitive skin Roseacea Skin and inflammatory eczema skin the ingredients help to soothe and calm the irritated skin due to foods that we eat or the environment.
  • Image Clear Cell Acne Facial
    Deep Cleaning acne peel along with extractions!
  • Image O2 Lift OxygenatIng Facial
    O2 Lift Oxygenating Facial
  • Truth Treatment Facial
    Truth Treatments facial is extremely anti-aging with the purest ingredients includes Retinol acids omega six and bio minerals to reach deep into the epidermidis to restore healthy cells and mitochondria to build a thicker skin and collagen. Includes a deep peel!
  • Aromatherapy Non-Toxic Facial
    Signature facial that includes essential oil‘s designed for your skin types, creating a calming, relaxation experience. Essential oils can moisture, hydrate and calm the mind. The oils are mixed with a mask to release toxins and soften lines and wrinkles.
  • Babor ReVersive Facial
  • Image Luma Brightening Facial
  • Gentlemen’s Facial
    Gentlemens Facial deep cleansing, shoulder and neck massage and soothing mask
  • Back Cleansing With Microdermabrasi
    A back cleansing facial leaves the back feeling soft supple clean from blackhead and white head buildup and very rough skin.
  • Facial Cleansing Full Back
  • Micrdermabrasion face swipe 1
  • Microdermabrasion Swipe Face & Neck
    Signature Facial with a micro procedure that helps the removal of dead skin, micro includes light exfoliating crystals that increases blood flow and stimulates oxygen. This leaves the skin clear, soft and glowing!
  • Add-On Services
  • Celluma Light Therapy
  • LED Light Therapy
    LED, or light admitting diode therapy is a skin care treatment that uses various wavelengths of light red and blue this will help to rejuvenate the skin from aging. It helps acne clear up with marking the skin.
  • Lumi Spa Device
    Luma spa is a device that use for deep pore cleansing.
  • Eye Treatments
    Eye treatments hydrate the skin skin under and around the eyes with specialty ingredients to create firming around eye area.
  • Anti-Aging Image Peels
    Anti-aging peels exfoliate the superficial skin creating collagen stimulation and slows down the aging process.
  • Pumpkin Peel
    Acne peels travel deeper into the skin killing bacteria and healing of the superficial skin. The pumpkin peel is a natural peel creating stimulation of collagen leaving the skin feeling Smooth and soft.
  • Specialty Firming Masks
    Your Aesthetician will recommend a specialty mask either for hydration, firming or calming!
  • Babor Collagen Firming Mask
  • Papaya Neck Firming Treatment
  • DermaPlanning
  • Hand paraffin with hand massage
    Hand paraffin is a warm soothing wax that conceals moisture into the skin of the hands creating extra hydration.
  • Reflexology Treatment
  • Ampoules hydration, and Balancing
    Ampoules are pure ingredients concentrated for balancing, firming and calming the skin.
  • Waxing Services
  • Chin Wax
    Chin wax removal of unwanted hair
  • Chin & Jaw Waxing
    Chin & jaw removal of unwanted hair using all sensitive wax!
  • Face & Jaw Waxing
    Face & Jaw removal unwanted wax!
  • Eyebrow & Shaping
    Eyebrow waxing & shaping to remove unwanted hair!
  • Lip Wax
    Lip wax removal of unwanted hair!
  • Neck Waxing
    Neck waxing removal unwanted hair!
  • Sideburn Waxing
    Sideburns removal unwanted hair
  • Underarms Waxing
    Underarm waxing removal of unwanted hair!
  • Bikini Waxing
    Bikini waxing removal of unwanted hair!
  • Bikini Complete Brazilian Wax
    Removal of all hair on bikini private area
  • 1/2 Upper Leg Wax
    Removal of hair from upper leg thigh area.
  • 1/2 Lower Leg Wax
    Removal of unwanted hair on lower legs
  • Chest Waxing
  • Hair Removeal full leg Wax
    Removal of all hair on full legs
  • Eyebrow Tinting
    Eyebrow Tinting with vegetable color.
  • Eyelash Tinting
    Eyelash tinting with vegetable color.
  • Swedish Massage 1hr.
    Swedish Massage is a firm kneading therapeutic technique helping to release muscle tension. Allowing the stress and muscle pain to relax.
  • Swedish Massage 1.5
    Swedish Massage is a firm kneading therapeutic technique helping to release muscle tension. Allowing the stress and muscle pain to relax.
  • Swedish Massage 2hrs.
  • Deep Tissue Massage 1.5
  • Deep Tissue Massage 1hr.
    Deep Tissue Massage is a firm deep kneading therapeutic technique helping to release muscle tension. Allowing the stress and muscle pain to relax.
  • Deep Tissue Massage 2.hrs
  • Cupping massage
  • Shiatu Massage
  • Aromatherapy Essential Oils
  • Hot Stone Massage 1hr.
    Hot stone therapy could be used with river stones or Himalayan salt stones which bring more oxygen to the body through deep tissue massage circulating blood and oxygen leaving you feeling relax and rejuvenate it.
  • Pre-Natal Massage
  • Myofascial Release Massage
  • Body Salt Glow Exfoliation
  • Body Ocean Spa Excursion
  • Body Rain Drop Therapy
  • CranioSacral Massage
  • Massage Face Lift
  • Sport Massage With Device
  • Tigger Point Therapy
  • Purchase series of services
  • Misc. Service
    Misc. service ?
  • Peels Series Image Skin care
  • Tip For Services
  • Arm Exfoliation
    Arm Exfoliation includes cleansing of the full arm and exfoliation with a scrub to remove dead cells and keratosis Polaris which is a skin disorder clogging up the follicles with that skin.
  • Arm Exfoliation with glycolic peel
  • Image anti-aging hydrogel mask
    Formulated with the synergistic blend of biotanicals, peptides and antioxidants to support the appearance of rejuvenated smooth luminous skin.
  • Pumpkin Peel Face,neck & Uchest
  • Pumpkin Peel Face,neck and Upper Ch
  • Scalp Massage Dry Or With EOils
  • Truth Treatment Electro Mask
  • Back Scrub/ Mask
  • Foot Exfoliation Scrub/ Massage
  • MicroPlanning
    Facial hair removal